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Topic: Problems connecting to MS SQL Server DB
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Registered: Jun 21, 2012
Problems connecting to MS SQL Server DB
Posted: Jun 21, 2012 3:10 AM
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Hi guys, we are having some issues connecting to an ms sql server database for Opinio. When using the default internal database Opinio webpage can be accessed and seems fully operational.But when we try to use the MS SQL database we get the following error when connecting to the webpage (see attachment1).

Using the file we have entered the correct server, port, db name, user name, and password, and then renamed this file as (see as attachment2).

we have test connected to the SQL database opinio with the opinio username and password and this connected correctly and has fulldbo rights.

When creating the opinio database we ran the sqlserver_create.sql script which executed without errors.

Software versions:
tomcat 7.0.28
Opinio 6.6
sqljdbc 4.0.2206

opinio server = windows 2008r2 64bit
SQL server = windows 2008r2 64bit, MS SQL 2008

Opinio Log file is attached (attachment3).

If anyone has any ideas on what I can try to resolve this issue then it would be greatly appreciated.


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