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Topic: HELP with PHP and javascript in a grid matrix
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From: USA
Registered: Oct 24, 2010
HELP with PHP and javascript in a grid matrix
Posted: Oct 24, 2010 1:08 PM

t the cells to include an image that has three color states that are clickable.
For example 1 click is green 2nd click is red - 3rd click is blue each color represents a dollar

I wrote up a simple javascrip that rotates three images. I probably need a way to have an identifier
on each image in each cell so when I submit the entire form I know what state the Image color was

We want our sales people to click the various grid images to the correct colors by each half hour.
Then once the week is coded I need to save the grid contents (probably a large array) into our

Any ideas how I can started on this

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