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Topic: Wellfleet Communications ??
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Registered: Aug 24, 2010
Wellfleet Communications ??
Posted: Aug 24, 2010 9:45 PM
EV_total_bw.jpg (98,6 K)

I have Network Probe 3.0 set up to monitor a spanned router port for all traffic (mirroring WAN port).

Seems, there is an aggregate "protocol" that is totaling all bandwidth between the WAN on the router to the T1 gateway.

For some reason, none of that "aggregate" data is detailed out anywhere. I've attached a screenshot to help.

I was using a 7 day evaluation license to determine if this will work, and it would be helpful to extend the evaluation until the Network Probe functions as expected.

If access to the probe is required, I will forward the URL.

Thank you in advance.

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