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Topic: network probe 3.0 on windows 2008R2
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Registered: Jan 26, 2010
network probe 3.0 on windows 2008R2
Posted: Jan 26, 2010 12:52 PM

I just installed windows 2008 R2 for the first time on my network and wanted to use the Network Probe 3.0

Installation was successfull but when starting the program I get this:
2010/01/26 13:42:00 Make sure that the packet driver is properly installed and that you rebooted.
2010/01/26 13:42:00 The selected adapter could not be recognized as a valid ethernet device.
2010/01/26 13:42:00 Error: Unable to start packet driver.
2010/01/26 13:42:00 Warning: Promiscuous mode not supported for this device
2010/01/26 13:41:59 loading protocol definitions...
2010/01/26 13:41:59 Probe startup initialized...

Starting the client in the browser does not return any data. Tried the Compatibility troubleshooting included in windows to make the program as compatible to xp or server 2003, but it didnt work and I get message from java launcher "cannot find main class com.objectplanet.probe.server.probe".

Any help??

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