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Topic: Shared computer access
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Shared computer access
Posted: Apr 17, 2009 1:19 PM

Wondered if there was any way currently to achieve this:

We are conducting a survey for an organisation with a large proportion of staff with no individual email addresses but access to internet enabled computers.
I know that I can just set the survey to accept a single password and get these people to complete the survey but there are a couple of drawbacks -
1. I cannot ensure that people only complete the survey once
2. The survey response is anonymous with no link to the individual so I cannot see who has or who has not responded
As I will know the names and work locations of the people, I would like to be able to create them as invitees to the survey (generating the ID and password information) and to have some way in which the respondents can enter a unique identifier (name or employee ID number) to obtain their login details or even be transferred automatically to the survey using the correct login details.

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