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Topic: Validation plugin for a survey section
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Registered: May 28, 2008
Validation plugin for a survey section
Posted: May 28, 2008 12:52 PM

We have a survey which is divided across various sections. We need to apply some validations to questions on the first survey section based on which we would decide whether to let the respondent proceed further with the survey or not. Note that we need the responses to all questions on the first section to make this determination.

1. I assume this is functionality which I would need to implement via a plugin?
2. Is there an event that I can capture when a section is completed. The only event that seemed close enough to me is the PreSurveyPageEvent. However, I couldn't figure out how I could identify what page is about to be displayed?
3. In case the respondent fails validation and is not to be allowed to proceed further, would the respondent information already have been stored in the opinio DB? Should I use the deleteRespondent api available in the SurveyManager class to delete this information in this case? Also, I assume the User parameter to be provided in this call is the system user retrieved using the PluginUtil api?


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From: USA
Registered: Aug 7, 2007
Re: Validation plugin for a survey section
Posted: Apr 25, 2012 11:07 PM

did you find a resolution to this question? I have a need to validate responses for every question.

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