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Topic: Memory and Disk Performance Problems
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From: Beaumont, Texas
Registered: Apr 16, 2007
Memory and Disk Performance Problems
Posted: Feb 28, 2008 2:50 PM

We are running the latest version of Network Probe. I have unchecked some of the objects we can track, and am using the default intervals. However, the Network Probe is using over 297K RAM. And, the disk performance is very slow. I just replaced the HDD with a newer/faster drive. It helps some, but disk I/O gets very slow again by the next day. Sometimes it may take more than a minute of disk I/O when I click on a tab.

This is on a DUAL 2.0GHz XEON, Windows 2003 Server with 4GB RAM.

A restart makes everything work again. But by the next day, the system is slow to load the applicaton (lots of disk activity).

All I need to see is the Network Summary and Conversations. The Network Summary is set to 1hr at 5sec intervals. The Conversations is set to 1hr at 30 sec intervals. I have unchecked everything else.

Reset Setting is Every Day, Midnight, Every 6 hrs.

Also, is there any way to hide tabs that we do not need?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance!

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