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Topic: Network Probe log disappears during a network issue
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From: Orange County California
Registered: Sep 15, 2005
Network Probe log disappears during a network issue
Posted: Sep 15, 2005 10:37 PM

This morning at my office we had a major lag issue on our network. Anything that traveled on our LAN was sluggish and took forever to respond. I checked the monitor for our T1 lines and saw that there was a normal amount of traffic there. I went to check network probe, but the log file for the time during the problem is gone. I have a steady stream of logs showing up in the log manager going in 6 hour intervals for the past 30 days starting at midnight each day. Today though a log starts and stops at 12AM to 6AM then the next log doesn't start until 11:10AM to 12PM. Does anyone have any idea why this would happen and how I might be able to find the info I'm looking for that seems to have been lost? This program seems pretty worthless to me if it's going to die in the middle of a network problem that it's designed to monitor.

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