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Topic: Creating a report filter on field containing a date
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From: Australia
Registered: Mar 27, 2012
Creating a report filter on field containing a date
Posted: Mar 27, 2012 1:14 AM

After each of our training courses, students complete a satisfaction survey. Students may not submit the survey on the same day as the training.

One of the questions asks for the date on which they attended the course. The question is set up as a 'free text' field because there is no date type question.

We need to be able to filter the survey report based on the date students entered as the date they attended the course. The date the survey was submitted is irrelevant to us.

We can't seem to be able to successfully create a report filter on this field. If we use the 'date range' filter type, the results only include surveys that were submitted in the date range.

Can anyone shed some light on how this filter can be set up?

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