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Topic: i wants to display value zero in barchart
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From: chennai
Registered: Aug 30, 2011
i wants to display value zero in barchart
Posted: Aug 30, 2011 11:18 AM

I am trying to display value 0 in my barchart when the chart's bartype is "stacked" and seriescount=2,but i cant get the 0 value in my chart.So can you help me how to display the data in my chart.

sample code:
<applet code=com.objectplanet.chart.ChartApplet
archive=chart.jar width=400 height=440>
<param name=chart value="bar">
<param name=multiSeriesOn value="true">
<param name=seriesCount value="2">
<param name=barType value="stacked">
<param name=3DMOdeOn value="true">
<param name=sampleValues_0 value="0,10.22,23">
<param name=sampleValues_1 value="10,20,0">
<param name=barAlignment value="vertical">

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