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Topic: Dropdown answers and piping
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David Hall

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From: Australia
Registered: Feb 24, 2011
Dropdown answers and piping
Posted: Feb 24, 2011 1:40 AM

Hi all,

I'm attempting to ask demographics questions about country of birth. Ideally the questions would go like this:

"What region were you born in"?
In a drop down menu the options are:

If the respondent answers Africa the next question asks: "What sub-region of Africa are you born?" with options being:
Eastern Africa
Middle Africa
Northern Africa

Or, if the respondent answers Asia the next question asks: "What sub-region of Asia are you born?" with similar options for Asia.

Once they've identified the sub-region they are asked which country within that sub-region they were born in, in the same manner as being asked the region and subregion.

For this, I'm using dropdown boxes. Is it possible to use piping for this? In the one window, can I firstly ask them to choose the region, then have the next dropdown box (below the question of sub-region) fill with only options for the sub-region and the same again for a dropdown box regarding country.

Currently I am splitting pages for each one which means multiple splits for all level - region, sub-region and country. Following this, I was going to attempt to branch to each one but I can imagine this will become quite messy.

From the manual, I've attempted to work out if it is possible to use dropdowns with piping in the way I've described is possible but can't tell if it is.

Any help, support, advice or suggestions provided will be much appreciated.


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