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Topic: Translate, issue translating text field for other
Replies: 1   Pages: 1   Last Post: Feb 21, 2008 12:02 PM by: Eivind Pedersen

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Replies: 1   Pages: 1  

Posts: 1
From: Memphis, TN
Registered: Feb 4, 2008
Translate, issue translating text field for other
Posted: Feb 4, 2008 9:01 PM

My original survey is in English, I have several "Multiple Choice" questions that have the last option as "Other" with the "Last choice has text field for other:" marked, so I get the nice box for users to type the other information.

The problems starts when trying to translate this option. I am trying to translate to Spanish and Opinio shows that the text to translate is the follwing: "Other<<#TXT10#>>"

If I type "Otro" the translate gives an error (get a red rectangle in the translation box) and cannot go any further.

If I type "Otro<<#TXT10#>>" the translation passes but when looking at the survey it displays Otro<<#TXT10#>> and the text box does not show.

Any ideas how to translate this?



Eivind Pedersen

Posts: 473
From: Oslo, Norway
Registered: Jun 11, 2002
Re: Translate, issue translating text field for other
Posted: Feb 21, 2008 12:02 PM

I tried to reproduce the problem (with Opinio 6.0.5), but did not see the <<#TXT10#>> text when I accessed the survey. Only in the translation page.

What version of Opinio are you using? It might be a bug what was fixed in an early 6.x release.

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