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 How do I install Opinio on Linux?
Solution Make sure the required software is installed.

war-based installation:

1. Unzip the opinio zip file, and locate the opinio.war file

2. Locate the base web application directory, webapps, of your Tomcat (or other Servlet/JSP container) installation.
Place the opinio.war file in this folder.

3. Restart the web server

4. The Servlet/JSP container will now unpack and create the Opinio folder automatically.

5. Set the display variable. This is necessary because the Opinio reports is producing charts that needs X-windows as an underlying graphical architecture. Use this command: set display="localhost:0.0"

6. If you are running the servlet container (web server) on another port than 8080, or you install Opinio in a subfolder other than "opinio", edit the WEB-INF/opinio.properties file. For example, if you are running on port 80, and installed in a folder called "survey", the line:


should be changed to:


7. Then restart the web server (servlet container) again.

Installation is now complete. Log in at the following address:


Replace "server-address" with the address of the machine you installed on. Use login = admin, password = admin. The password for admin should be changed before you start creating your surveys, to improve security.

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