16 Jul 2019 
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 How do I use another database platform than the default (HSQLDB)?
 To use another database, see http://www.objectplanet.com/Opinio/userguide/other_database.html
 Ho do I convert the HSQLDB database to MySql?
 Look in this forum discussion for a description how to do this: http://support.objectplanet.com/forum/thread.jspa?forumID=8&threadID=1377
 Sql Server installation
 Opinio is pre installed with Hypersonic SQL - a light-weight, but fast database engine. This is meant for demonstration purpose only. To use the application in a large production environment, we recommend to change the database platform to SQL Server, MyS
 I can't connect to MS SQL (Microsoft SQL Server) - driver not found
 Hello, This means that Opinio can't find the SQL Server JDBC driver. This is needed to connect to the SQL Server database. Download the driver here: For MS SQL 2000:
 Oracle: Problem with indices or partitions in unusable state
 Most likely that the database is out of temporary space. I believe you need to increase the temp space of either the tables or database itself. If that does not help, you must rebuild the indices, with SQL calls like this for each index that is in unusabl
 Upgrading a database with new character set on MySQL
 If a database initially was created with a character set other than UTF-8, and you later want to switch to UTF-8, some special steps are required to make existing surveys display correctly. This example converts a database from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 on MySQ
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