19 Jul 2019 
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 Reports/charts does not work on Linux. How do I fix this?
 To run your application server (Tomcat or other) in headless mode, you need to set the startup-options to support this: java -Djava.awt.headless=true ... ***** FOR Tomcat **** find the tomcat/bin/catalina.bat (windows) or tomcat/bin/catalina.sh (li
 Clustering test
 Opinio supports clustering. To enable clustering, you need a load balancer (there are many on the market, some free, some commercial). Opinio license keys for all your cluster members are required. Follow all installation instructions. See
 Where is my Host-ID?
 The host-id is needed to generate your License key. To get the host-id, you need to install Opinio on your server. You can find installation instructions here: http://www.objectplanet.com/opinio/userguide/installation.html Once installed, log in an
 How to run Opinio with IIS?
 Normally Microsoft’s IIS can not execute Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs), thus Opinio will not run on IIS itself. For those people who already have IIS running as their web server and want to integrate Opinio in this environment, we have create
 How do I move Opinio to a new server?
 The basic outline is this: Make full backup of Opinio application folder Make full backup of the Opinio database Install Opinio from on WebSphere as a new installation. Follow installation instructions as described
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