16 Jun 2019 
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 I can only see my own traffic and some broadcast/multicast messages. What's up?
 Computers connected to a switch will only see traffic that destinate to it's network card. In order to see all traffic, you must connect a hub in front of the switch and connect the probing computer to it, or connect it to a switch with a monitoring (span
 Can I use Network Probe without an IP address assigned?
 Yes, start the probe with the "-noip" parameter: java -jar Probe.jar -noip Remember that you cannot remotely access the probe if you don't have an IP address.
 I forgot the admin password. How can I restore it?
 Delete the file config.txt, located under the network probe/config directory - and restart. You will be asked to set a new password. Note that versions prior to 1.0 beta 1 require a re-installation.
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