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 I need to make some changes to the survey after it was published. The survey contains responses. How do I do this?
 It is not possible to change questions of a survey containing respondents. This is because the structure of the survey is very closely linked to the response data. Therefore the access to editing questions is restricted. We are looking into this, and will
 How do I import data into Excel?
 The data can be converted to excel by first exporting it. Instructions on how to export the data can be seen here: http://www.objectplanet.com/opinio/userguide/raw_data_settings.html Once exported, you can import this data into excel. See Excel docume
 User gets a "Cannot find entry to show" message. What does it mean?
 You will get this message if there is an entry (a survey, for example) in the database that cannot be retrieved. For instance if the survey has been deleted (can happen if another user delete survey and you click on a survey link before page is refres
 How can I change the text of the "This survey is closed for editing" message displayed to respondents?
 Some text is not configurable through the survey attributes screen, but is global system labels retrieved based on the respondent’s browser language. If the browser language is supported by Opinio, the text is retrieved from the correct language file; oth
 I am trying to change the layout options, but it has no effect?
 The layout attributes are overwritten by the css file you have selected. Try editing the selected css file and upload it again. To edit a CSS file, you must first download the CSS file. There is no download link in the application to download this fil
 How do I move a survey into another folder?
 There is no easy way to copy or move a survey into a specified folder. The copied survey will appear in the same folder as the original survey. The only way to do this is to export/import the survey into a new folder. An implementation of an easier wa
 How is the multilingual feature working?
 Basically, when logged into Opinio, you create a survey, and add your questions etc. Then you add the languages to translate. Opinio will then handle sending of the translate-url to your translators. They will see one page with original texts, and inp
 I click on a link, but nothing happens?
 You are probably blocking pop-ups. Normally it would be the internet settings under privacy. There is an option ‘block pop-ups’, but you might have a program installed that are blocking pop-ups (Google bar and similar installations). You may get a small n
 Branching is not working. Why?
 If you move questions after you create the branch conditions, you may end up with conditions that are not valid and you may get an unexpected result. If you for instance have a question (no 1) filtering out the next question (no 2) and then move the quest
 How can a question from a survey be copied to the library?
 There's a link in the "edit question" screen, saying "To lib". This link will add the current question to a question library. Just select which library you want to add it to. Only libraries that you can modify will be shown in the list.
 Is it posible to add custom JavaScript to a survey?
 There is no special place to add custom JavaScript to the survey. However, it can be added to survey header or footer (survey look/feel -> survey texts page), introduction and question-text. Before version 6.9, it is very important that the whole JavaScri
 Is it possible to change Opinio standard messages?
 Is it possible to change Opinio standard messages like "This survey is closed for editing. Please come back later."? Most of the messages can be edited in opinio/WEB-INF/classes/i18n/ApplicationResources.properties file. Change the value for the key
 Chinese labels in report charts are corrupted
 Charts are created at the server and what you see is a Java generated image. The usual steps to see Chinese characters in charts are the following: 1) Make sure that Chinese font is installed on the server 2) Go to the folder JAVA_HOME\jre\lib 3) Re
 I have forgotten my user password, and I don't have an email address configured for my user. How can I log in?
 Due to security concerns, the only way to do this is to update the password directly in the database. You will need to have access to run SQL statements in the database in order to do this. Run this statement: UPDATE OPS_User SET password = '-4851-3
 Japanes, Chinese is displayed as boxes inside the charts in reports
 Hi Paul, The problem is most likely that the Japanese fonts are not located in the directory where Java is expecting to find them. The fonts are called Kochi Gothic and Kochi Mincho (kochi-gothic-subst.ttf, kochi-mincho-subst
 Inserting image logo to a survey.
 Here is how you can insert image or logo into a survey: 1. Go to Resources->Images->Upload 2. Upload an image 3. Select a radio button that corresponds to image you just uploaded in the "Preview column" 4. Copy the HTM
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